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Wiley English introduces an innovative approach to teaching and learning English that combines traditional education methods with interactive, mobile content. It is designed to easily integrate into your current teaching approaches, delivering blended lessons that transition seamlessly from the classroom to our user-friendly app.

We use authentic, real-world case studies and exercises so students learn in a context that’s relevant for social, academic, and professional life. Our streamlined teacher dashboard gives you valuable insight into student learning patterns and makes teaching English easy. You can chart students’ progress throughout the course, helping them pick up the language more effectively and achieve fluency faster.

English is the most popular language in the world – but only a few non-native speakers are even fluent in it.

For a lot of businesses, this just spells “problem”.

Wiley English offers successful, blended learning: the benefits of the best language apps, with the flexibility of an online classroom.

In the app, assignments will teach you everything you need in a rich, engaging format.

In class, you will develop real fluency, with a real instructor.

Wiley English works, and works for you. Online, in-app.

Wiley English. Fluency, for everyone.

Create dynamic educational opportunities in the classroom and beyond

Our flipped learning approach means lessons occur in three stages:

Before class: The Wiley English lesson begins on our app with speaking or reading practice, and students get a list of vocabulary words to study.

In the classroom: With your guidance, students activate and consolidate what they learn on the app and practice grammar and vocabulary in authentic social scenarios.

After class: Learning continues on the app with different challenges, so students transfer what they learn in the classroom to long-term memory and make sure new words and grammar are not forgotten.

We assess student achievement through a set of in-app speaking and writing assignments that are graded by you. Students can track their progress throughout the course while collecting gold coins for their achievements and seeing how they match up with their friends and classmates.

Our exercises include:

Speaking activities:

Students can record themselves speaking and directly compare their pronunciation with native English speakers.

Reading challenges:

Students learn to read at speed and evaluate their comprehension.

Vocabulary and grammar quizzes:

Students build knowledge and improve word recall.

Listening challenges:

Students listen to a native English speaker and identify key pieces of information.

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